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Today, Professor Ayman Mahmoud Osman, President of the University of Aswan, attended a cooperation agreement signing between "Masar Center for Business Development to Support startups and Production Blocks" of Aswan University, represented by Professor Dr. Magdi Mohammed Ali, Executive Director of the Center] and MQQR. In the presence of Eng. Ahmed Salem, Executive Director of Egypt's Digital Creativity Center in Aswan (Creativa).

The President of the University stressed the importance of the role of the Masar Center in business development to support startups and production blocks in Aswan governorate, which was established in cooperation with Enroot Consulting firm.

The role of Masar Center comes in conjunction with the directions of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to strengthen the sector of emerging micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, raise awareness of entrepreneurship in Aswan governorate and coordinate efforts in the entrepreneurial environment and develop production blocks.

Masar Center supports business incubators in Aswan and provides non-financial services and technical consultations to startup founders, and provides all necessary training and knowledge services to startups. In addition to providing training and knowledge services to existing entrepreneurs and help them develop their products to serve their access to more profitable market segments.

“Aswan University's Center for Digital Creativity has great potential to support and assist students, SMEs and start-ups to become key actors in digital transformation to become accessible to all sectors of industry. The project is an innovative initiative and a unique solution that addresses the root causes of youth unemployment in realistic and practical ways by providing various vital services for the growth of any business in one place. Young people have access to these services whether they are seeking to develop their business plans or have businesses already in place or in the start-up phase,” Isra Hussein Hashim operating officer (Tiec) at the Creativa centres in Aswan, which was established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in cooperation with government universities, including Aswan University.

Eng. Ahmed Salem noted that Tiec aims to motivate young people towards technological creativity and entrepreneurship from idea generation to company formation and growth. The Center provides knowledge, training camps and financial support to entrepreneurs and startups and helps people work in productive environments.

Dr. Magdy explained that the cooperation agreement aims to build the capacities of entrepreneurs and incubated startups in Masar center and help them acquire technological skills to develop their entrepreneurial businesses.

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