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Are you ready to meet your investor?

5 years 11 months ago
Are you ready to meet your investor?

The Investment Readiness Assessment evaluates the readiness of a business for investment and prepares an entrepreneur by asking the questions that an investor will ask. This assessment is also appropriate for existing innovation-based business that is seeking high growth.

● Innovation: this section explores the innovative aspects of your business. It focuses on what impact your innovation will make, what benefit it offers, and how you can protect it.

● Team: this section explores aspects of the team leading your company. In particular, it focuses on the skill set, experience, network and attitude of these people.

● Market: this section explores the market your business addresses, how it is growing and changing, and your understanding of the customers and competition.

● Investment: this section explores the investment potential of your business by asking about potential returns through various types of exits. It also covers other aspects of interest to investors such as your cash flow situation and the current incentives in place to employees.

The assessment is composed of 10 questions, Take your time to solve each of them, this won’t take more than 15 minutes.


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