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Waffarha: Your best saving choice

2 years 5 months ago
Waffarha: Your best saving choice


With the prices’ hike in the Egyptian society, people seek discounts and lower prices for almost all products. Once you hear the word price, you will always expect that it will be high. In addition, most people don’t like to overspend money on trying new places or services that may be bad. For many people, the price is an important decision making factor which determines what product will they buy. This reflects that Egyptians are good consumers, by tradition, who know their way to make deals to get the highest quality with the lowest prices.


Waffarha is a website that came by a team of business dealers and marketers who try the new places and services such as restaurants and cafes and entertainment venues to make deals for getting at minimum 50% discount of the actual price. This made it needless to wait for discounts or final clearance. Waffarha makes win-win deals between clients and vendors since the client searches the discounts and experiences new places while the vendor outreaches more clients faster than usual through providing more online amounts of their products or services for a number of people specified by the vendor.

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