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Panasonic Megaphone Translator

Panasonic Megaphone Translator


The foreign visitors to Japan have increased over the last few years. This increase created a challenge for Japan as country, which is the language. The Japanese language is considered a difficult and uncommon one to the rest of the world. To clarify, the difficulty mainly remains in the touristic places where foreigners are expected to be in large numbers and they usually don’t talk nor understand Japanese.   


Trying to solve this issue, Panasonic created a megaphone translator that can translate the Japanese language into three other languages: English, Chinese, and Korean. Basically, when someone speaks in the megaphone, it automatically translates the Japanese language into any of the three available languages. Actually, google offers a similar service as the Panasonic megaphone which is google translate. However, google translate is more about personal use while the Panasonic megaphone is more about public use. To add, the company is now thinking about adding more languages to the megaphone according to the demand as to serve a bigger number of people. To know more, watch this video

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