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TAP device - Automate Your Phone



It is sometimes bothering to change your mobile’s mode more than once a day, according to the condition you’re in. We are using mobile phones while at home, work, restaurants, and everywhere else. And in every place you go, you have to configure your mobile’s mode.


Tap Device is a small NFC chip wrapped inside an elegant tag that can change your phone settings, Control your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Data, Music, Sound, Display Brightness and even send a Text Message Hands-Free. You can stick it onto any surface: your coffee table, office desk, gym bag, or car dashboard. For example, when you enter your house, you can just put your mobile over the tap device for a couple of seconds and it will change your mobile settings as you like; turning off your mobile data and turning on Wi-Fi, and tuning on the silent mode when you’re at work. 

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