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Reon Pocket: The Wearable Air Conditioner

5 months 2 days ago
Reon Pocket: The Wearable Air Conditioner


In the summertime, especially if it's a sunny day by the beach or in a long commute we often can't stand the heat. Also, if you have a strict work environment that requires you to wear formal clothes everyday you could feel hotter than usual especially during summer.


The Reon Pocket is a personal air conditioner that will keep you cool whether you’re on a crowded train or under direct sunlight. The portable, wearable device was developed as part of Sony’s startup acceleration program and was funded on the company’s crowdfunding website. It works by using thermoelectric cooling and is said to be able to lower the wearer’s body temperature by 13 degrees Celsius and on the other end of the spectrum, users can warm up by about 8 degrees Celsius.

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