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Ambulance Sirens

3 years 4 months ago
Ambulance Sirens


The necessity of an ambulance to pass by when they have an emergency case is becoming more and more difficult. The reason behind this issue is the degree of isolation that the cars have nowadays. To clarify, when you have got the windows rolled up and the radio blaring; it is somehow difficult to hear the siren of the ambulance which hinders you from making way to the ambulance. 


In order to solve this issue, there was a new invented system which enables the ambulance to transmit its siren through the radio channels of the cars. In fact, the ambulance hijack the AM and FM signals and transfer the siren as to let the drivers know about the approaching of an ambulance car. Yet, this system is not beneficial when the car is not using the radio because the system cannot hijack the CD player of a car for example. To know more, watch this video.

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