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V-Lab Talks: Survive with Innovation!


Jun 2020

14:00 To 15:00
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AUC Venture Lab
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Summits / conferences


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AUC Venture Lab is pleased to announce its latest webinar. This week on V-Lab Talks, we are honored to host Business Designer and Innovation Consultant Hani W. Naguib for an interactive webinar on innovation. Throughout this hands-on-session, Hani will be sharing with you the latest concepts and approaches to innovating and creating solutions that overcome the current challenges. This webinar will help entrepreneurs at all stages as well as business professionals who are interested in fostering innovation in their teams or pursuing a career in entrepreneurship.

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Hani W. Naguib has been inspiring minds with thought-provoking keynotes on the latest in innovation and evidence-based entrepreneurship, volunteering 1000s of hours mentoring early-stage startups and engaging the Egyptian ecosystem with his blog and articles. He encourages entrepreneurs to learn by doing, investigate alternatives, appreciate experimental learning & value evidence over opinion. His mantra is: invest in an entrepreneur’s mindset and a successful startup is only a matter of time. ⁣


How has the pandemic affected your business's ability to survive? And how can you use innovation to get out of a crisis?

These are some of the questions that Business Designer and Innovation Consultant Hani W. Naguib will be answering this Wednesday on our webinar and you can be part of the conversation.




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