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GDTA Spotlight: Building a global virtual d-school


Jul 2021

16:00 To 18:00
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GDTA invites global Design Thinkers to attend its next webinar to gather online to discuss important issues from our community.

The next online session will take place on July 29th, 2021 at 4:00 pm (CEST) via Zoom.

Hoda Mostafa, Director Center for Learning and Teaching, Associate Professor of Practice at the American University in Cairo, and Richard Perez, Founding Director of the Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking at the University of Cape Town, will talk about: "Building a global virtual d-school: Co-creation and collaboration."

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There are many academic institutions who have limited resources to develop and offer design thinking teaching and learning to their students. Yet the expertise and intent exist in small pockets of passionate educators within these institutions. The American University in Cairo and the Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking at the University of Cape Town have recently run an Afrika-wide Design Thinking programme that aimed to provide access to under-resourced universities by building both coach capacity as well as access for their local students to participate in Design Thinking programmes. Furthermore AUC recently prototyped a hybrid model with new and interesting models partnering with GDTA.

This session will shine a spotlight on these seeds of co-creation and opportunities provided by GDTA collaboration as well as invite members and attendees to contribute ideas in a short facilitated activity.




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