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Business Modelling for Decision Making - A Practical Approach for Start-ups


Nov 2021

17:00 To 18:00
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Pitching / mentoring / investment days


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Financial analysis for decision making: Business Modelling - A Practical Approach for Start-ups. This webinar will explore an essential financial tool for decision making within a start-up: business modelling. 

We will especially address the importance of business modelling and stress testing for refining the figures of your company and get it financed.

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About the speaker:
John Brennan, CEO WestBIC, the Business & Innovation Centre for the West/North West Region of Ireland, is a graduate of the Marketing Institute of Ireland and holds an ACCA Certified Diploma in Finance. John has accumulated over 20 years experience working with high-growth startups and specialises in the provision of financial modelling support to startups and scaleups seeking investment funding to grow their business.




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