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Get your project classification certificate and enjoy the benefits of the new law

5 months 2 weeks ago

The Medium, Small and Micro-Enterprise Development Fund has announced the steps to be taken by existing entrepreneurs to obtain the Project Classification Certificate in accordance with the implementing regulation of the Act on the Development of Medium, Small and Micro-Enterprises (Act No. 152 of 2020). This will allow entrepreneurs to benefit from the various facilities and new benefits offered by the fund or various State agencies involved in this sector.

The Fund explained that entrepreneurs can apply to branches of the fund in the governorates to apply for a certificate or to apply online through and choose "access the services of the Act on the Development of Medium, Small and Micro-Enterprises No. 152 of 2020."

You can apply for the project classification certificate through the website in two steps:

  1. Complete the application, the information and the requested papers, which contain the basic data for the project, the type of activity and the data of the applicant for the certificate.
  2. Log in later to “check the request” to follow up on the application status that indicates to the applicants if the application was accepted or other data need to be updated.

According to the Fund statement, the new Act contains a uniform definition of the types of medium, small and micro-enterprises and entrepreneurship. It also ensures that the new enterprise is one that has not been established for more than two years from the date of start working and is classified into two types according to the paid capital specified in the commercial register into micro-industrial enterprises with a capital of less than 50,000 pounds and small enterprises with a capital of between 50,000 pounds and 5 million pounds.

Learn more about the Act on the Development of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises in the third in the series of articles of the most comprehensive legal guide for Egyptian startups puplished on the platform.

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