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Women Take the Lead 2021: Addressing the challenges of young female leaders

1 year 5 months ago

The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI) released Women Take the Lead 2021.   The book includes the outstanding experience of 20 amazing young Danish and Egyptian women who joined the network.

In 2021 DEDI initiated the Women Take the Lead Network to offer professional women a space for networking and cultural dialogue, and 20 young women from Egypt and Denmark joined the network. The participants were among “those who plan, direct, coordinate and evaluate the overall activities of enterprises, governments and other organizations, or of organizational units within them, and formulate and review their policies, laws, rules and regulations”, DEDI Coordinator Pernille Bramming.

In the book, the participants share their thoughts, experiences, knowledge, doubts and hopes. We hope it will reach more women to encourage them to join a network.

Download your copy through this link.

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