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What's next for 3D printing?

3 years 6 months ago

From space to food, this is what's next for 3D printing, it is revolutionising every industry man has known. Avi Reichental is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of 3D Systems. Giving his TED talk while wearing a 3D printed pair of shoes, Avi salutes his grandfather who was a shoemaker. Thanks to 3D printing he was able to "honor the past while manufacturing the future".

3D printing enables us to fabricate unique and customized products in the era of factories and mass productions. This way 3D printing is bringing back talented makers to the market. Moreover, Connecting us back with our heritage and giving us access to the future. 3D printing. Avi came to stage with different 3D printed models, some of them are edible beautifully decorated cakes. Watch the video see how this technology can invade all our industries and help solve a mass of problems.


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