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A Quest For Innovation

2 months 4 weeks ago

Over 20 years of research, we’ve identified 4 core areas for enabling high performance: peopleprocessideas and collaboration. We call it a ‘people-first’ approach.

Written for leaders and teams (of all shapes and sizes), this ebook shares the secrets to long-term performance, improvement and growth. 

Explore our step-by-step process, tools and methods, including:

  • Why is innovation important to you?
  • What are your team goals for innovation?
  • What are you good at (your innovation maturity level).
  • Your team’s priorities and performance.

And develop an action plan for success.

Why is this resource free?

Hargraves Institute was established in 2006 by leading organisations who shared a clear objective to help make Australia more innovative through collaboration and’ collective wisdom’. This ebook shares our research and expertise and is offered freely under our community, collaboration, and innovation banner.

Download the book Here.

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