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Put on Your Glasses, and Tell Me What Do You See Now?

When we think of entrepreneurs, we are most likely to get images of extremely energetic individuals who are so passionate about their ideas that they never get tired of presenting, explaining and pitching their models over and over and over again; we think of people who are so driven and determined, they are able to produce an amount of work that far exceeds the limits of the human body pulling off the seemingly impossible on a daily basis.

But, what’s so intriguing is that despite the fact that we can all agree being an entrepreneur is nowhere near being an easy task; we never actually stop to ask ourselves why all these confident, intelligent, and ambitious personalities make the conscious decision to do it the hard way instead of going down the corporate path knowing their chances in reaching senior management positions are sky high.

Well, I kind of developed a theory that attempts to answer that very question based on my personal experience and noticing similar behavioral patterns in the entrepreneurship community. This theory simply states that these entrepreneurs at some point in time discover that they have a sharp vision in a specific field which grants them a clear insight into the future direction and trends of this field/industry, it’s like wearing a magical type of glasses that lets you see into the future (it feels like some type of super power). Tell me, if you had the power to anticipate the success of a product/service would you capitalize on this knowledge?! I would.

First, it starts with a feeling. My journey started out by mere coincidence when I took an introductory Sociology class and felt like this is where I should be (at the time, I was a political science student planning a UN career), I took a leap of faith, followed my intuition and changed my major to Sociology. If you don’t know what Sociology means, it is a social science that focuses on the scientific study of society and social issues.

Second, you go into full experimentation mode. This is where I got to be creative and playful with my classes and projects (sometimes even mixing two rather unusual ideas, it was pure euphoria!); a number of classes and research projects later, what started out as plain intuition turned into an absolute reality, I knew for a fact that studying individual behavior in a group setting was my thing but, the question remains how am I going make money out of this?

Honestly speaking, I don’t even know the answer to that question yet and I’m not even sure if I will ever be able to turn this passion into a successful venture, all I have now is this gut feeling that says “keep going, you are on the right track!”. So, even if you found your glasses in something as simple as networking and connecting people, there is a place for you out there.

The bottom line is you don’t have to be the next Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs to be valuable; while these game changers are to be admired for their bravery and for creating a world we can only dare to imagine, the world of entrepreneurship is the only world I know where there are no standards and the only world where you get to write your own book, and tell your own story, so put on your glasses and tell me, what do you see now?! 

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