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Metaverse... The Next Chapter of Internet Journey 2-3

By accessing Metaverse and participating in the Horizon-Workrooms, you can do all your work completely virtual. It is an advanced form of current techniques of working from home that has been heavily used due to Covid-19 and its isolation and precautionary measures through video conference techniques.

Also, through the Horizon Messanger-VR app, you can conduct a binary meeting and talk to one person in any virtual place that you already agreed on, you may meet a friend and walk together on the Great Wall of China or meet on the Empire State skyscraper in New York City, USA.

In this new world, the movement of sell and purchase will not stop, but will evolve into unprecedented levels of virtual realism that go beyond traditional forms of shopping, which will be done through an app called Horizon Marketplace, either for entirely virtual products or for real products that will arrive at your place of residence later and be paid through cryptocurrencies and NFT technologies.

The study will also take advanced forms. You will be able to take lessons and science in full virtual rooms. You may meet the teacher and your fellow students above the surface of Saturn or above the Moon if the lesson is about the solar system or in the deep sea encounter if the lesson is about aquatic life and its wonderful worlds.

A similar thing happens in conferences, workshops, seminars, as well as in concerts and dance. Amr Diab can do a real-life party and have people from Japan or Australia, and they'll feel like they're in the north coast enjoying tunes and lyrics, and the natural audience can see them through the hologram of their bodies, or we can all go to their bodies. We all could go to the past and watch a new party for Frank Sinatra, chasing his old songs or new ones, produced entirely through artificial intelligence technologies that will play a major role in the creation and management of Metaverse.

In sports and important matches, it's also available, and sports training will take place virtually; your coach may be in Italy, and you're in your room at the fifth settlement, and he's training you to carry weights on a beautiful island overlooking the ocean.

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