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Coursera Insights: Skills and Learning Evolution in Egypt

4 weeks 1 hour ago

Coursera presents the sixth annual Global Skills Report, which has become a trusted resource for leaders and institutions worldwide as they navigate the rapidly changing skills landscape. The report draws on data and insights from the global learning community—including over 148 million learners and 7,000 institutional customers—and content from 325 of the world’s leading university and industry partners.

The report provides detailed insights into the learning trends and skill development within Egypt. It reveals several key statistics and trends that paint a picture of a dynamic and rapidly evolving educational landscape.

Coursera Learner Statistics

  • Global Rank: Egypt ranks 72 globally in skill proficiency.
  • Number of Learners: There are 2.9 million learners from Egypt on Coursera.

Demographics and Learning Preferences

  • Median Age: The median age of learners in Egypt is 29, which is younger than the global average
  • Mobile Learning: 64% of learners access courses through mobile devices.

Gender and STEM Participation

  • Women Learners: Women make up 35% of learners in Egypt.
  • STEM Engagement: 22% of women are involved in STEM fields, reflecting efforts towards gender parity in these traditionally male-dominated areas.

Focus on Skills and Careers

  • Top Skills: The most pursued skills in Egypt are audit, storytelling, advertising, leadership development, social media, experimentation, brand management, budget management, writing, and deep learning.
  • Target Roles: The top target roles for Egyptian learners are operations manager, machine learning engineer, securities and commodities trader, public relations manager, communications specialist, social media marketer, marketing associate, budget analyst, financial manager, and web developer.

Course Enrollment Trends

Egypt has seen a significant increase in enrollments for specific courses like:

  • Generative AI with Large Language Models
  • Professional Certificates in Data Analytics
  • Front-End Development
  • Social Media Marketing

The Global Skills Report 2024 highlights Egypt's commitment to advancing education and skill development, particularly through mobile learning.

Check the full report Here.



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