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Tracker Tag

4 years 3 months ago
 Tracker Tag


We all go through those stressing situations when we lose or misplace our keys, wallets, glasses…And we spend a lot of time searching everywhere.




The tracker tag allows you to find your lost belongings using your smartphone. The tracker can be small in size so you can slide it in your wallet, attach it to your keychain, stick it to your laptop or anything you’re afraid of losing.  A mobile application can show you how far you are from the object you’re looking for. The tracker tag can have a small speaker so you can make it ring using the app to ease your search. But what if you lose your phone? The device can work both ways. In other words, you can use the tag tracker to call your phone or the other way around.  The tracker tag can leverage its network of users to help you find the item you lost. If it is near any of the tracker tag users you will be notified.


Photo credit: Tile

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