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4 years 10 months ago


Most of the bicycle riders face the problem of the poor lighting of the bikes which hinder the clear vision. People who usually ride bikes have a great need for clear lighting due to the lack of proper lighting in some streets especially at night. Also, the lamp that is present is any bicycle is not enough in all times; sometimes you need more light in order to see the road.  


MonkeyLectric came to solve this problem in a very cool way. They thought about putting lights in the wheels of the bikes nonetheless, they did it in a very creative and innovative way. MonkeyLectric’ LED based lights are the brightest and most durable on the market and provide 360 degree visibility for commuter cyclists. Each model features bright, full-color LEDs that will get cyclists seen at night. Monkey Light includes color and theme choice for everyone with a great variety so that every person can choose his preferred design. Also, it is waterproof and it can survive all weather conditions which make it perfect for all bikes riders. Their clear mission is to make riding at night just as fun as during the day. Watch this video to know more. 

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