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Microsoft and ITWORX launches “EduShare” with The Egyptian Ministry of Education

4 years 3 months ago

Microsoft, ITWORX and the Ministry of Education, signed a partnership agreement of “EduShare” - an educational initiative- with Microsoft  and ITWORX. This phase is considered as a free contribution from ITWORX , they will provide all courses for students in all educational levels from Pre- K until High School.

Students will have the opportunity to exchange information with other students, teachers and supervisors. With the technical support that ITWORX and Microsoft offer the exchanged information will be supervised by the Ministry of Education.

Additionally, students can access the courses online or download them to their own computers.

Also Mohsen Mohamed Abd ElAziz Sadeq, Information Technology and Communication manager, announced that this initiative - “Edu Share” will develop the educational process in schools and will help lessening private lessons.


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