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Vetwork: Vets On Demand!

11 months 1 week ago
Vetwork: Vets On Demand!

Vetwork is a mobile app that connects pet owners with near pet care service providers whether they are welfare providers like groomers, or healthcare providers. All services are delivered to the pet owner’s doorstep wherever they are and whenever they need it. Services vary from regular vaccines’ checkup, any emergency or a grooming session.

We talked to Fady Azzouny, Vetwork’s Founder and CEO, after they graduated from MINT’s incubator.


“I’m a vet and I know the struggle both ends have; pet owners are always asking about good vets or other pet services and the vets are also struggling in finding a proper salary. We lose very good vets in Egypt, most of them go abroad for finding a decent income,” said Fady Azzouny, Vetwork’s CEO.

Vetwork team consists of Abdelreheem Hussien, Zeinab Al Jazeery, Fady Azzouny and Ayman Saif. They are all vets but all with very diverse backgrounds and experiences, in online and offline marketing, pharmaceutical companies and business administration.

“We always make sure that all providers are qualified through our certification process where all providers pass through multiple tests online and offline to make sure that our customers receive the best service,” added Azzouny.


“Any entrepreneur will always have times where he questions if what he’s doing is going to pay off or not, these times specifically defines a successful individual from another, it’s all about persistence and being smart stubborn,” stated Azzouny.

Funds and Achievements

Vetwork recently graduated MINT incubator’s fall 2018 cycle. They also won second place in Techne Summit Pitch competition, and third place in RiseUp’s pitch competition and Cairo ICT innovation arena’s pitch competition.

Vetwork future plans include expanding to new markets and finishing their AI project that will enable them to predict diseases and assist vets around the world.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Bootstrapping, Bootstrapping, Bootstrapping. We used all the resources we had in our favor. Here’s a simple trick, you can always validate your idea by creating a Facebook Page, boost it and announce your product and watch how people react, that’s what we have done, we assumed that if we reached a certain number we’re going to start executing our plan,” said Azzouny.

“If you don’t know where to start. Just start, have faith, trust your guts and keep going, it’s all about persistence,” added Azzouny.

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