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In order to get Egypt back to the industrial map, we need more engineers, entrepreneurs and company owners to kick-start the industry. Simplex is a 3-year industrial solutions' company. They recently moved from a service provider to a product provider by starting to manufacture engraving machines.
Since 2013, the company started to manufacture CNC router machines combining both quality and affordable cost. Simplex's CNC machine engraves soft and hard material from marble to soft plastic.

The company started with 3 founders; Ahmed Shaaban, Amr Osman and Mohamed Mansour. Only one year after Simplex started operating, they have sold their machines in 11 governorates in Egypt.

What is the impact of Simplex?

“On one hand, Some people attack us, arguing that our presence in the market could lead to destroying heritage and handcrafts in Egypt,” Shaaban explained.

“On the other hand, speaking of statistics, in 2010, Egypt was the number 1 country in furniture exporting. Today, Egypt can barely save the fourth place in our exports.” He added, “We try to support furniture manufacturers to produce at higher speed, quality and lower cost at the same time. Thus, their exports increased.”

Moreover, Simplex team doesn't only sell machines, but they also seek to develop carpenters and technicians in Egypt by providing training and offering job opportunities. In brief, Simplex created a new job title called, “CNC machine worker”.


As a team of almost fresh grads, Simplex faced the lack of experience and know-how to challenge. According to Shaaban, they all lacked business and management knowledge and skills. Moreover, they faced challenges related to mass production and how to balance between supply and demand. At the very beginnings, the team suffered to find the right team of engineers and technicians.

Funds and Awards

At the beginning of their journey, Simplex was incubated by Flat6labs. Afterwards, they succeeded to get fund from 3 angel investors; Dr Karim Hussein, Mohamed Barakat And Ramy Khurshid. One of their biggest achievements is that in 3 years, the sales gross rate increases by 400% annually.

Success Factors

“Our edge in the markets is mainly increasing sales month by month as well as taking very good care of our customer,” Shaaban said, “We seek to deliver the required quantity at the exact delivery date, we also prioritize our customer and take very good care of the after selling service.”

Say something to aspiring entrepreneurs

“It is a tough journey, If you don't believe in your idea with all what you've got, then better don't start. Sometimes it might appear as a piece of cake or a picnic, but No, it is not. That's why you have to be really sure what you want to do and understand every aspect of what you're doing. The most important goal for you should be sustainability. Don't focus on quick and instant profits but keep aiming for longer term goals and a sustainable company.”


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