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Ahmed Magdy: Challenges Are not An Excuse, Trying Harder and Going Forward Will Help You Reach

Ahmed Magdy: Challenges Are not An Excuse, Trying Harder and Going Forward Will Help You Reach

Eve is an advertising agency specializing in TV ads, events, promotions and brand experiences, as well as product launches, road shows, and business networking events.

However, it is not just advertising Eve has its Tech. side as well where they design their products, manufacture it such as holograms, Touch Screens, and the whole process happens in Egypt.

Ahmed Magdy, Eve’s Ceo, started his career as the Business developer in Promo Group then he specialized in sporting and management events and this allowed him to start his own startup a.k.a Eve.


Although Eve doesn’t have a direct impact on the society directly since they are not B to C provider, they know how to target consumers through the service they provide to their clients a.k.a the end results such as concerts.

Reducing the unemployment rate is one of their targets, once they find the creativity element in them, they train you and give you courses and also let you work on different projects and that help you start your own career.


Eve’s challenges were the Revolution and their Competitors. Eve was established back in 2009 and two years later the revolution took place and that was Magdy’s main challenge. When the revolution took place, the market wasn’t saturated and the inflation etc…

We can also consider Eve’s competitors as a challenge. According to Magdy, they target above the line (ATL) and Below the line (BTL), Eve is considered to have many different competitors who either specialize in ATL or BTL or both and these companies are considered as his competitors.


Eve agency doesn’t only have different paths such as events, concerts, video ads, they also provide marketing services, and they were the first to provide Egypt’s first Hologram to Vodafone Cairo ICT 2013 and they also worked on Umm Kulthum hologram, and  they also worked on Umm Kulthum hologram, MBC Masr Opening Ceremony October 2012.

Success Factors

Magdy sees that Eve’s main success factors are its team and their creativity in delivering their ideas and both complement each other. Eve’s team are all below 30 and the main reason behind choosing youth according to Madgy is that “Youth are hyper, have potentials, passion and they think out of the box.” “This differentiates us in the market,” he adds.

Say Something to young Students and Entrepreneurs

Magdy’s advice to all entrepreneurs and students who want to start is “First thing you need to have is the passion for what you are doing, be positive all the way, fight for what you want and believe in yourself.”


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