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RiseUp Summit 2019 Reveals Journey to Growth Agenda

The 7th Annual RiseUp Summit revealed its three-day agenda, featuring talks by key speakers and content participating start-ups from the Middle East and North Africa, talks and workshops by executives from Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, 9GAG, Nestle - all focused on the journey to growth. The event will take place at The American University in Cairo, in the New Cairo campus, on December 5th, 6th, and 7th.

The upcoming RiseUp Summit will host more than 17 pitching competitions and satellite events, 180 startup station [exhibition], over 200 workshops inspiring talks, and panel discussions. 

The speaker line-up this year features prominent figures from the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as global figures such as  Rodrigo SA Former Head of Global Business Development at Hyperloop at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Karen Cheng, Head of Social at 9GAG,  Claudius Boller, Managing Director Middle East & Africa Spotify, Raya AbiRached, TV Personality and Phil Pallen Brand Strategist at Phil Pallen Collective.

“We’re dedicating RiseUp Summit 2019 to all of the stories, experiences, learnings, and values that are building today’s unicorns. We believe there is no one path, there are thousands to growth, and RiseUp summit this year will have them all,” Said AbdelHameed Sharara, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at RiseUp.

“We’re looking forward to gathering the tech gurus, business tycoons and creative leaders of today who will step on the RiseUp Summit stage and share their Journeys to Growth through our community to the ecosystem,” Added Sharara.

The one-stop-shop entrepreneurship summit will put all of the hosted special events into seven main tracks during the three days of the summit:

1. Growth Hacks Track: 

Growth is every startup’s dream, but every founder knows how difficult it is. They are troubled with questions like: “Where should my focus be? and because Journey to Growth is this year’s theme, RiseUp is introducing its growth hacks track that narrows down on founders’ strategy and tactics used on their very own Journey to Growth.

2. Smart Capital Track: 

Capital is key. The Smart Capital track will host a varied range of the trials and tribulations of funding, investment, and raising capital; this year, RiseUp is placing the emphasis on how capital can help startups on their own Journey to Growth.
The track will also focus on what investors are looking for, types of investment at different stages in a startup’s lifecycle and why the investor himself is just as important as the money.

3. Creative Culture Track: 

Creativity and innovation are the keys to the sustenance, advancement, and inspiration of the Human Experience; they create the culture of societies through manifestations of intellect that shape our collective minds. 

Thus, for the very first time, RiseUp is introducing the creative culture track which examines the most prominent innovations in specific creative industries, and cutting-edge aspects of the creative process in its stages of ideation to production.

4. Creative Economies Track: 

RiseUp summit tracks also tackle how creatives have grounded themselves at the forefront of business, and it values stories of how creatives monetize, sustain themselves, and provide support for other industries and businesses.

5. Tech 4 Humans Track: 

RiseUp Summit also wants to stop and reflect on the social implications and everyday impact technology has on human life. It aims to showcase how technology will affect our lives in the future and how businesses are growing by creating Human-centric technology.

6. FinTech Track: 

Over 100$ Billion has been entrusted to fintech companies in 2018; the digital world is here and it’s booming. The era of fintech has given rise to opportunities and to risk.

RiseUp Summit is looking at how fintech startups are growing, what they need to grow and what the future holds for them and for RiseUp as well.

7. Emerging Tech Track:

Technology is at the center of how creative solutions work and spread. It has become the main driver in startups’ ability to scale and grow. The Age of Hyper connectivity is upon the world and with 5G around the corner, revisiting how the latest in technology can help on RiseUp’s Journey to growth is a must.

Additionally, RiseUp summit will be hosting 4 startups exhibitions for the different startup levels and industries including Startups Station, HIPOs Station, F&B Station, and Creative Marketplace. Alongside there will be a unique service that startups can benefit from throughout the summit including Investors Office Hours, Talent matchmaking, Legal Clinic, Career Mentorship for students and UX/UI Clinics.

This year the summit is expected to welcome thousands of attendees, share success stories, and provide room for new investments to take place throughout the 3-day summit this December.

For more talks, timings, and their location, the RiseUp Summit 2019 agenda can be found here.

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