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Pursue and Achieve Your Dream with Entrepreneurship Rally’ Competition

1 year 11 months ago

Entrepreneurship Rally’ competition held by the Center of Entrepreneurship at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. This competition helps and encourages its participants to develop outstanding project ideas and start to implement these ideas as an actual company.

The idea behind this competition is to raise awareness about entrepreneurship and its significance, to increase the export of Egyptian products in order to increase the Egyptian economy, and to provide solutions for startups problems that may be confronted.

There are two different programs: Brain Mints is a program for participants who want to develop startups ideas, and Mints Ready is a program for participants who already have ideas and want to improve them.

Rally competition became more challenging and creative, so they offer six-new tracks for their participants, such as Virtual Enterprise, Innovate To Create, Class-Related Startups, Export Enabling, Social Impact, and Graduation Projects. To know more about the new entrepreneurship tracks, click on this link.

Don’t miss your chance and apply before 15th. of February.

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