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Here’s what you need to Know about Entreprenelle and its Support to Women in Business

Entreprenelle, one of the strongest foundations that support women’s role in society, is a social enterprise that aims to empower women economically through education, training, and all available resources.

Ever since it was founded in the heart of Cairo in 2015, Entreprenelle held over 100 workshops, hosted 15 educational events, and formed an online community of over 250,000 members through different social media portals.

Entreprenelle holds events in four main fields, which are awareness, education, resources accessibility, and economic empowerment.

 Entreprenelle’s biggest annual event is She Can, which has around 10,000 participants. The event this year was held on 8 March, international women’s day. It also holds film screenings and different meetups.

Entreprenelle developed a group of specialized programs, each program focusing on a specific industry, which allows women to scale their businesses and develop their ideas.

Photo credit: Entreprenelle's Facebook page.

This article was translated by Noura Shibl

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