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Hangout with VCs, a Boutique Matchmaking Event by TNW and ITIDA

2 months 3 weeks ago

The Cairo startup ecosystem is booming. Having recently ranked high in reports from Gartner, Startup Genome and Deloitte, all eyes are on Egypt as the gateway to the Middle East and North African economic region. It is important to build on the momentum, by showcasing the successes of the local tech ecosystem and attracting foreign investment into the region.

The Next Web (TNW), a Financial Times company with an extensive VCs network, supports in attracting foreign capital into the region by leveraging our global network of investors. Hangout with VCs is a boutique online event concept in which TNW brings together global top investors and pre-selected, ready-to-fund local startups in a unique and compelling format.

TNW with ITIDA, we pre-select the most promising Egyptian startups and prepare them to meet with international investors. On Thursday, 7th July, during this virtual event, the startups will pitch to the VCs. The investors will then select the companies with the best fit to further explore opportunities for Investment.

The main startup criteria to be eligible for this event are:

  1. Your company is looking for investment
  2. Your company has a product or service launched on the market
  3. Your company has already received funding from at least 1 external investor
  4. Your company is at least 2 years old
  5. Your company has proven traction in the market
  6. You have proficient English language skills to pitch at the event
  7. You are available on Thursday, July 7th to attend the event

If you are a technology enabled startup with a unique value proposition and the previous conditions apply to you, then we invite you to fill this form no later than 5 June 2022. Shortlisted startups would be notified by an email one week after the application deadline.

In order to take your application into consideration and match you with our investors, we need to collect the right information. Besides standard company info, we ask you to submit information on the following questions:

  1. Describe what your company does.
  2. What are the key skills of your team and how do you promote diversity?
  3. What is the customer problem that you solve? How is your product/service innovative?
  4. What is your product/service's USP? How is your offering unique compared to your competitors?
  5. How big is your addressable market? How strong is your product-market fit? And what are your growth plans?
  6. Describe the business model of your company.
  7. Why should VCs invest in you? What is the case for investment?
  8. What investment round are you seeking to raise within the next 12 months?
  9. Approximately how much money are you looking to raise and how will future funding be used?


Submit your application via this link.


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