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Egypt-based adtech dKilo managed to secure $3.2 million seed round from Upturn Ventures

dKilo, a pioneering street-level AdTech online platform, announced during Leap 2024 that it had secured $3.2 million in Seed round funding from Upturn Ventures, a recently-established venture builder specialising in e-commerce Revival Labs, to transform out of home advertising in the Saudi Market

This strategic investment mix of equity and financing aims to revolutionise the out-of-home advertising landscape, introducing innovative approaches to the industry.

The joint efforts of this partnership aspire to transform the way brands connect with audiences beyond the traditional digital space, which unlocks new means for e-commerce businesses to increase their awareness and conversions. 

dKilo is set to create a new channel for brands to engage with consumers, leveraging mobility to enable brands to connect with their target audience in real-world environments and manage the process through dKilo’s online platform. 

This partnership showcases a commitment to progressive communication, offering a glimpse into the future of consumer engagement in the region.

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