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E2E logistics startup Milezmore raises $5M pre-seed round from Brimore

Milezmore was built to empower businesses with supercharged cloud logistics solutions

Brimore, Egypt’s largest social commerce platform, has invested $5M in end-to-end logistics service provider Milezmore, Egypt’s first startup to provide cloud fulfillment, last-mile delivery, and customizable operations solutions. On the back of unprecedented growth, Brimore believed that investing in a company that manages all its logistics was the way forward, especially since Egypt still suffers from the inefficiencies of the traditional supply chain structure. Milezmore has enabled Brimore to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of growth and has been a main factor behind Brimore’s rapid expansion.

While Brimore was its first entry into the market, Milezmore rapidly expanded to cater to many other companies. In the span of one year, Milezmore experienced tremendous growth and built an infrastructure reaching a warehousing area of +20k SQM, expanding its footprint to the whole country through 15 delivery hubs, processing +15M pieces, delivering +1M packages, and attracting +25 new customers in different industries. CEO and co-founder of Brimore, Mohamed Abdulaziz said: “For decades, Egypt has suffered from a fragmented traditional supply chain structure that no longer works with the rise of new commerce models, especially after being hit with a global pandemic. To address this challenge, we believed that the best solution was to invest in Milezmore to handle all the heavy operations. After all, Brimore’s promise is to create smart infrastructure for the masses, and our investment in Milezmore is a testament to that.”

Milezmore's mission is to enable its merchants to capture high growth potential by providing supercharged cloud logistics solutions. The new capital will enable Milezmore to blitz scale its cloud solutions through robust technology, expandable storage area, higher delivery capacity, and double its team to enable a 50X increase in its customer base. Ahmed El Attar, Managing Director and co-founder of Milezmore said: “We are proud to be the first Egyptian startup to offer all three services and cater to all types of companies. What I witnessed during the past four years is that the traditional supply chain wasn’t built to solve today’s problem, and I believe Milezmore was built for that. In one year, we were able to build a strong and passionate team who drove the company forward and achieved tremendous results. This is only the beginning, and we’re confident that Milezmore will revolutionize the logistics industry in the near future.”

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