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UP Communities – Think it, Start it, and Scale it!

3 years 6 months ago

AWTAD - The Association for Women’s Total Advancement and Development NGO – launched a new program, UP Communities, to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt. The UP Communities program targets entrepreneurs in their most challenging years (0-3 years) and are ready to take their projects and ideas all the way to growth and stability as a fully formulated company.  

The first round of UP Communities program in 2017 will start on 27th of January. The program will help all entrepreneurs who have an idea and proof of concept, or some operating history, or are scaling, through the three different stages in the program; Thinkubator, Start Up, and Scale Up.

Thinkubator phase is for people with only an idea. It’s the first ideas incubator in Egypt that will work with participants in their idea stage, the idea owner should leave with a solid idea and a concise business statement. To register in the thinkubator phase, click here.

StartUp phase is for people who have an initial business idea formulated in a basic business form. UP Communities will take the participants to the next level of really starting up through attending different workshops and mentorship sessions that will cover topics like mastering the market, strategy and innovation, pricing, costing and budgeting and startup financing. To register in the StartUp phase, click here.

ScaleUp phase is for startups that are already active and stable. UP Communities will help these startups to scale up, network, invest and make good deals. Different workshops and mentorship sessions will cover different topics of scaling up like conducting deals, investment, accessing new markets, and growth strategy. To register in the ScaleUp phase, click here.

The Thinkubator, StartUp, and ScaleUp phases will start in parallel, and another round of the program will be held every six months. Also, the most promising entrepreneurs will be invited to a Demo Day by the end of 2017 to pitch their projects in front of representatives from the whole entrepreneurship stakeholders: incubators, accelerators, banks, angel investors, corporates, media, startups, and service providers.

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