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Success Stories

5 years 3 weeks ago
Success Stories

The entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem is full of shining examples for individuals and organizations who are exceptionally successful and determined to reach their goals. The Success Stories was made to honor and recognize their efforts and achievements.

Who should use it?
Innovators and inventors should always check the Success Stories to get inspiration from successful experiences. You should also follow us if you think you know someone who should be recognized, you can always connect with EgyptInnovate team to honor him/her.

When to use it?
Check the Success Stories, if you want to get introduced to successful profiles of individuals or entities. You will get to know more about their innovations and patents, and how they offered a solution for an occurring problem.

How to use it?
Click on “Get Inspired” tab, then go to Success Stories. You will find three categories for recognition;

  • People such as entrepreneurs, researchers or inventors

  • Organizations such as startups, universities, or research institutes

  • Initiatives such as graduation projects or a social innovation initiative.

    Inside every article, you will find the recognized person or organization’s biography, and a photo for them with the impact of their innovation on the sector they are working on or the society in general.


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