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Market Research ToolKit

Market Research ToolKit

This kit will help you assess your situation in the market and identify your strengths and weaknesses  


SWOT Analysis

Albert S Humphrey invented this method in the early 60s. It’s a technique that helps you map your Strengths and Weaknesses, and understand the Opportunities and Threats you could potentially encounter.

Porter’s Five Forces

The tool can be used to understand the nature of competition within a certain industry, and/or to identify areas of strength and weakness. It is useful as it helps entrepreneurs analyze the market they want to join. Additionally, the tool can identify whether a product, service or business can be profitable or not. Porter identified five factors that affect the competition within any industry. These are:

  • Supplier’s power; which is the bargaining power of the suppliers, and how they can manipulate the market prices

  • Buyer’s Power; which is the bargaining power of the customers, and how can they affect the selling prices.

  • Competitive Rivalry; reflects the number of competitor’s and how strong they are. It also analyzes how they can affect your business.

  • Threat of a new entry; the ability of people to enter your market and affect your overall profitability

  • Threat of substitution; the ability of customers or buyers to find an alternative for your product that is more convenient to them.

Competitive Intelligence: Four Corner’s Analysis

The four corners analysis is a tool designed by Michael Porter that helps in determining an organization’s future strategy. Further, this tool is divided into four corners which are Drivers, Assumptions, Capabilities, and Strategy. Those four corners are categorized into two main categories which are Motivation and Actions. 

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