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Virtual Hair Makeover Mobile App



Variation: Virtual Makeup Mirror, Augmented Reality:

You’ve sat there and wondered if that shade of lipstick will work on you. Or maybe that haircut. Does it even fit the eyeshadow you’ve got at home? And every single woman has faced the problem of finding a foundation that fit her skin tone. Wouldn’t you wish that you can check how the whole face of makeup will look before going through the trouble of putting it on and then rubbing all of it off again?



Well, why don’t we use augmented reality? You would be able to turn on your camera and change all you want. Put on lipstick, adjust your foundation to the perfect color and choose the perfect shade of blush. Even if your hair can be cut, trimmed and made longer as you wish. Modiface already does the makeup part, even telling you the brand name and product number for everything you choose. It’s also able to select the color you show its camera from its database, getting you fitting foundation by picking your skin color.


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