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Interactive Medicine Dispenser for children and infants

4 years 2 months ago
Interactive Medicine Dispenser for children and infants


Parents struggle with medicine delivery to their children. Kids sometimes push the medicine away or even spit it out.  In these cases, parents are unsure how much medicine the child swallowed or how much they spit out which leads to underdose or overdose risks. The process is stressful for both parents and kids.



Parents don’t need to go through the trouble of convincing their kids to take their medicine. An interactive medicine dispenser in the form of a toy allows parents to deliver the medicine safely and effectively to children and infants. It eliminates the child’s fears of taking medicine by turning the process into an interactive game. The medicine dispenser can talk to the kids and it can have the additional functionality of measuring their body temperature. It can be designed to avoid the medicine leaking and to enable the parents to control the dose.

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