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Google Trips

4 years 7 months ago


People now browse the internet and search for flights details, hotel reservations and attractive places to go. Additionally, there is enormous number of travel apps that help any traveler to plan and book his trip. However, the necessity of having internet connection for these apps remain a big problem because of the high cost of mobile data abroad and the difficulty to have access to Wi-Fi. 


Google trips is a mobile application that serves as a trip planner and travel guide. This app provides any traveler with set of services; it organizes the flight tickets and hotel reservations, offers guides to more than 200 cities; makes personalized recommendations based on the traveler’s google history and most importantly it works offline. This offline feature is what makes google trips unique because you can download everything you need in your day prior leaving and then use it without the need to use the expensive international data plan. Actually, google trips is a breakthrough in the travel apps field.     

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