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Dec 2019



Dec 2019

Nile-Ritz Carlton...
10:00 To 18:00
Event Organizer
Tech Fuze
Event Type
Pitching / mentoring / investment days


Event Details


Join the region’s largest technology gathering ­­– Tech Fuze. Over 10,000 tech minds, experts, and leaders will gather to simply answer “how to be future-ready?” Technology surprises us every day with the huge changes it creates in our lives, hence Tech Fuze will make sure that its attendees take advantage of these changes and ultimately help them be #FutureReady.

This will only happen at Tech Fuze, where the attendees will have access to knowledge, technology, solutions, leadership and much more. So, stay tuned. The event will take place at Nile Ritz – Carlton in December. More information will be revealed soon on how to reserve your ticket, the speakers, the agenda and more here.



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