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Standpoint Conference


Dec 2015

The greek campus,...
10:00 To 18:00
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Summits / conferences


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Youthpire is the first hub empowering the youth aged less than 30 years old in Egypt. Organizing its first event, Standpoint Conference, spotting lights on the pros & cons of the most trending activities happening online versus their offline methods, with an ultimate focus on Education, Recruitment, Advertising, and Commerce.


Provide attendees with the chance to:

  • Catch up with the current recruiters’ interests & job hunting market insights
  • Meet Marketing experts discussing budget allocation online & offline when launching a campaign
  • Listen to insights shared by speakers & panelists about the campaigns they managed
  • Get inspired by successful entrepreneurs & their companies stories
  • Explore new learning methodologies & their effect on attendees' careers


The audience will include Job seekers, Marketing and branding geeks , Freelancers , Independent learners, Young entrepreneurs and Internet geeks.
Among the speakers will be:

  • Ahmed Eraqi, X-dubizzle Egypt General Manager
  • Sherif Nassar, Founder & CEO,
  • Nehal Salah, Marketing and Communications Consultant at Zizinia - Real Estate
  • Bassem El Hady, Founder & CEO, Kijamii Agency
  • Mo'men Sherif, Founder of


Individual ticket 100 EGP, Group ticket 300 EGP


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