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Learn How IEEE Uses STEM eMentoring to Help Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers


Jun 2020

19:00 To 20:00
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Join this informative webinar to learn about the powerful impact eMentoring can have on a young student’s life while introducing them to the potential of a STEM career.

IEEE Executive Director and COO Stephen Welby will discuss why IEEE invests in pre-university STEM education programs. He will describe how IEEE launched TryEngineering Together, a powerful STEM eMentoring program that focuses on 3rd to 5th grade students. And how, by partnering employee volunteers from sponsoring companies with students from high-need communities, the program breaks through the barriers of traditional mentoring.

You’ll also hear from an IEEE employee and members who have served as an eMentor for the program. They will share first-hand experiences and tips on what to expect while volunteering as an eMentor. The webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session.


The main take-aways of this webinar:

  • How STEM eMentoring supports the future of the profession by building the talent pool
  • Why it’s particularly important to introduce STEM to elementary school students
  • The results of eMentoring as told by volunteer eMentors


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