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Intro to Medical AR and VR Meetup


Aug 2017

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18:00 To 21:00
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Alexandria Augmented Reality Meetup
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Summits / conferences


Event Details

This is a meetup for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality enthusiasts. The idea of having a regular VR/AR/MR meetup in Alexandria comes out of the necessity of establishing an active community around these emerging technologies in Egypt's second capital.

In this meetup, Jeff Bail from Boston VR Meetup will be attending via video conferencing. He will do an overview of medical VR, cover some different use cases, and feature some of the leading companies.


Whether you are interested in VR headsets and their features, augmented reality and its applications, mixed reality and its potential, or whatever else related to these areas, you can join us and enrich the meetup with your participation.


  • Sharing and discussing the latest in these areas with a special focus on research-oriented discussions.
  • Learning the technical skills that are essential in the CV of an AR/VR/MR developer.
  • Networking between developers and the industry (or startup accelerators), with all the perks you can imagine for both sides, to name a few.


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