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Business Automation - Automate to Succeed


Jul 2016



Jul 2016

13:30 To 13:30
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Business Automation is the strategy, the set of tools, software applications, and technologies a business uses to automate processes in order to lower costs and to integrate labor and resources throughout the organization.

The event introduces customer lifecycle management, CRM, Sales and point of sale as well as customer support within a Business Automation perspective. This event is the first module in a series of courses that tackle various issues such as business analysis, business process design and software career consulting. However, it is not a requirement to attend all 6 modules.


Attendees are business professionals, senior students, division managers, business owners and social entrepreneurs that are interested in transforming their businesses into automated ones.


The series of courses aims to enrich its audience with the software applications necessary to automate their business processes. They also aim to empower attendees to transform their businesses to yield higher customer satisfaction, lower cost, and better work efficiency.


The event costs 250 L.E until July 25th. If you register after July 25th its costs 350 L.E. one can register via 3 methods

  • Visiting TYT itself

  • Deposit the payment in their Alex Bank account (144036569001)

  • Vodafone Cash transfer to 01008503739 ( Make sure that the transaction was done by calling the number after the process.)



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