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How might we rehabilitate our environmentally declining cities and regions?

3 years 4 months ago
How might we rehabilitate our environmentally declining cities and regions?


Our environment, air, land, and water are what allow us to live on this planet. Unfortunately, humans have been slowly (although recently at an increasing rate) harming the things they need the most. When thinking of the future we must keep in mind how our actions will affect our environment which in turn will affect the quality of life for us and all future generations. Egypt, specifically, suffers from a variety of environmental issues. Cairo and Alexandria have been ranked as two of the most polluted cities in the world. The air, water, and land are all declining in quality due to several competing factors. A population boom combined with minimal planning to meet the rising needs has resulted in congested roads, urban sprawl, and shortages in basic needs such as electricity and water. Furthermore, a lack of environmental regulations such as allowing vehicles to remain on the road despite their inability to meet international emission standards and building cement factories near residential areas have caused severe deterioration of the air quality. Poor sewage management systems have polluted water sources which are scarce, to begin with. Additionally, outside forces such as climate change and the building of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam are causing harmful effects on Egypt’s water and arable land resources. Drastic changes need to be made to reverse the damage and restore our resources to ensure the nation remains a livable space for its inhabitants. About the Sponsor This challenge is part of a project administered by Nile University and The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology that aims to engage citizens in articulating a vision for the future of Egypt regarding energy.

Requirements and Constraints

For this challenge, we would like to first research the current environmental challenges facing the nation. Then we will share our ideas on what we would like to see if we are creating a new environmentally friendly city in Egypt. Setting these ideas as our end goals we will then brainstorm together what changes need to be introduced to have a positive effect on the current environment. What new regulations, incentives, technologies, and/or infrastructure can be used? We are looking for suggestions without placing any constraints on your ideas for what you might think is realistic or feasible. Your ideas will be evaluated by a panel of experts during the Expert Feedback Phase who will then connect them to what is currently being done, what can be done, and what should be done. Three final scenarios, based on your suggestions and the experts’ opinions will be developed describing what the future will look like if we do everything right, what will happen if we do nothing, and what will happen if something goes dramatically wrong.

Expected Deliverables

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Wednesday 10 May 2017



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