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The Product Mindset: Drive durable growth through customer-centricity

2 weeks 1 day ago

To build products people love, you need to know your customer better than your best friend. Better than you know your parents. Better than you know your spouse. You need to understand the conditions of their lives, and the intricacies of their state of mind as they undertake the journey your product takes them on.

The examples and case studies in this book will take you from the laboratory to the conference room. You'll read about how Spotify won over artists, how Netflix tamed artificial intelligence, and etc.

Written with experienced and aspiring Product Managers in mind, this guide will also be helpful for startup founders, entrepreneurs, engineers, and anyone who wants to build products that people love. This knowledge is not innate. Even the best Product Managers have to work hard to understand exactly who is using their product, why they are using it, and what experiences they have when they do.

Inside 'Product Mindset', you'll hear from a select group of influential Product Managers at top companies on how they get inside the customer's mind. You'll learn not only how to acquire this knowledge but also how to translate this knowledge into concrete, real-world results.

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