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The Innovator's Handbook 2021

The unconference 2020, is a virtual event taking place over ten weeks. The Innovator's Handbook 2021, the result of the unconference, contains practical advice on everything corporate innovation from A-Z, from high-level strategy to day-to-day projects, and from validating ideas to scaling ventures, and from frameworks and techniques to culture and skills.

This Handbook form Innov8rs Community, offers you a comprehensive overview of the best and latest in innovation with contributions from Alex Osterwalder, Rita McGrath, Scott Anthony, Tendayi Viki, Ash Maurya, Tony Ulwick, Howard Yu and many others.

The handbook summarizes what was discussed in the 100+ sessions and gives the reader a comprehensive overview of the best and latest in corporate innovation. Through this handbook, the reader can learn about latest trends, technologies and best practice to engage and drive his innovation program, this will help the reader reflect and refocus, so that he can find new and different ways to reach his goals.

  • You can download The Innovator's Handbook Here

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