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Ahmad Zahran: Geographical intersections as entrepreneurial opportunities

4 years 7 months ago

Here’s to childhood quirks becoming adulthood careers.

Ahmad Zahran loved puzzling over maps as a child and he grew up to notice the intersections between major environmental factors and brings them together in major entrepreneurial projects that combine technology and innovation.

In this TED talk, he explains one of his first projects in the Western Desert of Egypt where the intersection of the Solar belt and one of the largest underground reservoirs. Using the very bricks they cleaned up from the desert ground, the founders of this project built an agricultural society that saves tons of Diesel Oil by utilizing the immense solar energy present in the area to bring up the water needed for the plants.

This wasn’t just a stroke of luck. Zahran built his innovative spirit on creative thinking and a social spirit to build effective societies. He firmly believes that for a city to be founded, it needs a solid economic infrastructure in the form of utilizing environmental factors to provide jobs and goods to the city to be built.

That is the true embodiments of the innovative entrepreneurial spirit that is built on most efficiently using the simplest available resources around and combining these factors on a large scale.

Following up on that project, Zahran is now focused on using the solar belt and its intersections all through Egypt in his company, KarmSolar.

The company looks for ways to integrate solar technology into different business sectors and industries to provide more eco-friendly power sources and reduce the consumption of polluting fossil fuels. In this specific talk, he looks forward to founding a distillation unit, by the coast of the red sea that, like its predecessor, is powered by solar energy.


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