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7 ways in which any vacation can become “smart”

3 years 8 months ago

So everything is becoming smart! Smart phones, smart watches and even smart cameras, but what does that mean anyway? It’s all about the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of things is a scenario where “things” or objects are connected to the Internet to facilitate certain functions. These devices usually incorporate small sensors that gather information, and then the device sends it over as an output.

These “things” already have an impact on our daily lives. According to a recent report from Gartner, a technology research company, there were 2.5 billions connected things, and a world population of 6.8 billions in 2009. By 2020, the number of connected devices will rise to over 30 billions, while the world population will stand at 7.5 billion.

IoT has found its way to Egypt. Earlier this year, ITIDA has launched the first forum of IoT, which aims at keeping “Egypt always connected”, as their slogan suggests.

The IoT revolution has been on 365 days a year, but the ways in which it could transform vacations seemed particularly interesting. Here are some examples:

1- Photography:

Cameras are getting smart too. In addition to geo-tagging photos and being able to directly upload your photos online, you can have a camera that lets you know when nobody is standing in the frame anymore.

2- Security:

You don’t need to worry about potential break-ins to your house while you’re away. IoT has taken the whole security concept to a new level.

Several smart-lock applications allow you to use your phone as a key, while others, such as cocoon, collects info about what’s normal in your house and sends you an alarm about any abnormal activity happening.

3- Hotels:

Hotel Keys and cards will probably disappear soon. Some chains, including Hilton, have announced their smart phone-based check-in system and key room functionality.

4- Home Kits:

If you’re one of the people who always worry about having left the lights on or not making sure all the sinks are turned off, this one goes out for you.

Home Kits, such as those designed by Apple and SmartThings, allow you to have full control over your house’s appliances and utilities through your smart phone.

5- Clothing:

How many times did you spend holiday in pain because you got sunburnt after a long time on the beach? Now connected clothes help you save yourself.

A French company, Spinali Design House, has released a “smart” bikini that tells you when you have spent much time in the sun. Through temperature sensors, the swimming suit determines when you should go to the shade, and sends an alert to your phone.

6- Pet Care:

Friends are not always available to take care of your pets when you’re away, and leaving them at home might be a bit worrying. Connected devices, like those powered by 1-Sheeld, can send you an alert or a tweet if your pet is running out of food, for example.

7- Health Monitoring:

Being away from your regular home routine, and going to a relaxing mood makes it easier for you to skimp on exercise. The new apple watch, smart wristbands and even the sensors in your smart phone can help you monitor your physical activity, sleep cycles, food and drink.

This way, you can try all the food you want when you visit any city and still stay healthy.

How do you imagine these elements in the Egyptian vacation?  

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