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5 Reasons to build your Online Store with

8 months 3 weeks ago

Switching your business activities to E-commerce will transform your business, it won't matter if you already have your physical store running but want to expand to online selling, or if you're starting your business online from scratch; we'll give you 5 reasons why you should start building your online store with zVendo:

1. More than one way to sell (Multi-channel)

With zVendo, you can sell online using your web store, or with your mobile applications for both Android/iOS, or offline with the Point of Sale application if you’re selling in a physical store, that makes you able to track your inventory, able to save your physical store customers’ information, know your best-selling products, accept in-person credit card payments, and offer loyalty programs to your physical store customers.

2. Did you know that your online store with zVendo comes fully prepared with SEO and other marketing tools?
We your products rank higher in google search results, that means customers can easily find your products, we also provide you with fast servers and easy store navigation, advanced search filters, ability to add meta description and edit page content, add categories and menus for easy shopping to your customers, also we give you the option to create a blog and a newsletter to engage with customers with news and offers and will help in increasing conversion rate and to drive traffic to your online store.

3. We help you with your store design

Your store with zVendo comes with multiple templates you can choose from, and after choosing your theme you’ll be able to tweak your store front page, by adding pages, menus, changing store photos, changing content font, and changing your banner and footer.

4. Local and international shipping and payment services.

We give you the option to pay online and accept your customers’ payments through credit cards or through cash on delivery, with multiple payment services providers as integrations that we’ll connect directly to your online store, such as Accept payments, Aman, and Alex Bank, and you can access local and international shipping services that will be connected to your store as well to easily accept orders and for orders tracking.

The shipping services include Aramex and R2S.

5. Leave the analytics on us

Your store comes prepared with a dashboard on your control admin page that shows your sales value, best-selling products, new orders, and your active and new customers, plus your store will be connected with Google analytics and Facebook pixel.

We give you all the integrations you need to take your eCommerce experience to the next level.

More cool features? Stay tuned for more stuff to come.

Need more information? You can Contact us on the following numbers: 0102 110 8667 - 0102 110 8733 - 02 258 65 999. Working hours: Saturday-Thursday, From 10AM to 8PM

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