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Consumer Behavior


Feb 2020

Art of Seeing Center
15:30 To 21:30
Event Organizer
Startups Circle
Event Type

Detailed Address

17 Ameen Zaki Street, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, 11775


Event Details

This event aims to introduce entrepreneurs to the most important aspects of consumer behavior. The content was designed based on the regulations of the economy and marketing in consumer analysis in the Egyptian market, according to Startups Circle.

Workshop tracks:

  • Profile of the Egyptian Market
  • Consumer Categorization
  • Psychological and economic background of consumers.
  • Types of Consumers
  • Desire and motivation behind purchases
  • Studying consumer behavior behind the decisions of buying
  • Pricing strategy and increasing the number of consumers
  • Consumer behavior personality
  • Controlling the consumer’s decision to buy

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