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The 7 Strangest Orders Delivered Via Mrsool Egypt

E-commerce has become a popular field with the proliferation of delivery apps that have increased significantly since the Covid-19 pandemic. The proliferation of delivery services via smartphone apps in the Egyptian market coincided with the emergence of new consumer behavior inside Egypt in the light of a remarkable development in the quality of services provided by delivery companies spread over the recent period, according to Al Bayan website.

At the beginning of 2023, Mrsool, a leader in the Delivery On-Demand technology, publishes a report showing the extent to which the Egyptian user relies on technology to deliver things of different importance throughout the day, especially in some emergency circumstances, some of which we review in the following lines:

Wedding Dress

Mrsool Delivery App received an order to deliver a (Wedding Dress) to one of the brides within the Cairo governorate. The applicant stated that he forgot to deliver his bridal wedding dress under time constraints, which prompted him to rely on Mrsool to deliver it on time on the day of the wedding. The order was delivered very carefully by the Mrsool representative.


Most travelers experience sudden confusion hours before travel, but it's strange that a passenger arrives at Cairo Airport and then surprises to forget about his passport. He immediately decided to rely on Mrsool app to bring his passport from home quickly. He directed the representative to his home to bring his "passport" to him at the airport, and the delivery process succeeded in a record time to enable the passenger to complete his journey safely.

Lunch box

In light of the daily pressures placed on the Egyptian wife to prepare breakfasts for her children daily, the application received a request for the delivery of a meal inside (lunch box) to one of the children at the school, which the delivery representative did on time.

Men's Suit

Facing sudden situations during the day prompts you to think about easy and affordable solutions. This is what an employee of a company did when he was surprised to request an urgent official meeting requiring him to wear a suit. He thought about Mrsool application. The representative went to the client's residence and received the suit from his wife and delivered it to the client at his workplace within a record time.

Bridal bouquet

As usual, wedding days are always busy from the beginning to the end, so it was normal for one of the couples to forget about some important things. This time the request was for the bridal bouquet. Apparently, the groom decided to rely on Mrsool app to bring the bouquet to the wedding venue in order to avoid wasting more time bringing it himself.

470 Shawarma Sandwiches

Mrsool app usually receives food orders for a large number of people whether for commands or business meetings, but it appeared on the app that a customer relied on the app to order 470 shawarma sandwiches from a partner restaurant. This required special equipment from the restaurant at this time to deliver the order with high quality and speed. It is the role of Mrsool to deliver it at the exact time and place, to complement the customer's joy with the promotion he was celebrating with his co-workers.

Changing Dress Color

In one of the orders received by the app, a client decided to buy a specific dress from one of the famous malls in Cairo. Upon receiving a message from the representative on the app, she asked him to photograph the rest of the colors and decided with him to buy a different color at the last minute, which the representative did after sending her more than one photo through the chat feature between him and the client.

Mrsool Egypt app specializes in delivery on request, including orders from partner stores, as well as point-to-point delivery of all products ordered by any customer throughout the day.

Depending on the success of Mrsool Egypt's experience since its inception in the Egyptian market in 2019, many customers have changed their purchasing behavior and relied on new technology to deliver all products or services.


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