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Virtual Online Mall

3 years 11 months ago
Virtual Online Mall


Fact: It will take more than 2 hours to get to and from the nearest malls, plus an extra 3 hours of walking around the mall, trying on various clothes to end up with at least 2 decent items that fit.

Who has got the time for that? Buying clothes need to be as easy as getting vegetables from a nearby market. You might say we already have online shops, but you will realize that you’re too afraid of pressing that buy button because you’re never certain if it will fit.


You guessed the solution, an online shopping center that brings together almost all shops, even the small ones who cannot afford rent expenses at malls. You’ll sign up with an account like any regular online store but here’s the catch. You get to make an avatar with your body proportions. You can either input the sizes yourself or give photos of yourself from several angles and it creates the 3D version. This way, you’ll save your time and be certain that the new shirt you’re buying actually fits.

A slightly different version of this is already in action. In Japan, a vendor made a little kiosk where you try on clothes virtually. They will appear in a live video on the screen before you. You make the purchase online and they are delivered to you later.

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