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Roof Powered Cars

3 years 9 months ago
Roof Powered Cars


It’s universally acknowledged that using fossil fuels is putting a huge weight on the environment with its fumes and harmful emitted gases. Yet, we still depend on it for almost all transportation from cars to trucks to planes. Moreover, bringing solar powered cars to Egypt faces huge limitations, even though it would be an incredibly sustainable and energy efficient move. Egypt faces many fuel shortages against the overly inflated demand from its congested streets.



Renewable energy technology is becoming more and more creative in recent years which makes solar panels integrated into a car’s rooftop a new and viable solution. It would collect energy all day and store it for later use. The harvested energy from the panels can be used to power some modules in the car which reduces the fuel need in the car. This can be a starting point that paves the path for the introduction of green energy into Egypt and adds incredible economic value.


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